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In Person & Online, "One On One"
Computer Service and Support

 Training / Instruction / Data Backup
Computer & Phone Anti-Virus Anti-Theft / Loss

Smart Phone Anti-virus, Lost / Theft Locator
PC Speed Optimization, PC Cleaning Dusting

Professional Product Design

Offsite Computer-Aided Drafting
2D & 3D CAD Design Outsource

Worldwide CAD Design
Out-source Offsite Service

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Unigraphics NX           CATIA
Pro Engineer          AutoCAD
Solid Edge            and more ...

CAD File Translation
Rapid Prototype - SLA Output File
Rapid Prototype Service
Parts delivered to you


 Outsourcing Service
Design & Drafting 3D Modeling

CAD File Conversion

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Florida Computer Support has joined the "OnThis" Service Network!

Ft. Myers, Florida, and surrounding Areas.         
Miami FL,  and surrounding Areas.

Services include

Internal PC / Laptop Cleaning & Dusting

     If you can see dust on your computer case breathing vents, be assured your processor is covered with it, and can not breathe.  You are killing processor and mother board.  Let us remove the cover and your fans, clean and reinstall them!  Your computer will be quiter, cooler, and last longer!

Computer Hardware Installations

      Are you wanting to add memory to speed up your computer, or add a graphics card.  Let us install them for you, and update you computer drivers to make them work correctly!

     We can connect your home "or office" network, and get your printers, cameras, and other network components back in shape.


Cant get  into your Windows Computer accounts? 
No Password?  We can get your data off your drive and start over!

     We can go thru a back door, and save all your pictures and music, and other things you have made or bought, that reside on your computer.  Once we have it copied safely to another drive, we can restore your computer to its factory condition, and copy your data back on to it ... like brand spankin' new!

Data Backup - Add an External USB Terabyte Drive

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     Are you really happy with your computer right now?  Want to make sure it can return to its current state, after a virus infection, or Hard Drive Failure?  (which could be right around the corner!)  Let us help you make a back up, and keep you and your personal data safe!

     Before I leave you can have all of your family picture, on all your phones, and all your computers ... in one neat place where you can organize them, and view them with "slide shows" on your computer while it isn't being used.

     Never loose all your pictures and music, and computer work files created by you and your family, ever again!

$150 Delivered, Installed, and Demonstrated ... while we Backup Your Data!


Disk Space

     Are you about to fill up your hard drive?  Let see where the wasted space is, and possibly install a new Terabyte drive on your system, internally or externally.

Anti-Virus / Spy ware / Mal-ware / Identity Theft

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